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Image depicting hands and heart, symbolizing The ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation's care and concern for the community.

2021 in Review - The Progress We’ve Made

For ALLIANCE Credit Union members, and for others who have joined ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation as members, The Foundation represents our shared spirit of giving back to the community. It signifies that together, we can create benefit in unity and achieve amazing things through our combined focus.

Great Things That Happened in 2021

As many of you may have seen from our CEO’s Annual Report, issued this past March, 2021 was a year of wonderful progress. We provided scholarships in both the high school and collegiate realms, and provided funds to several Lubbock area charities.

We also supported the Banzai Financial Education Sponsorship program, which helps young students start learning “the ropes” of personal finance, including earnings, budgeting and even understanding taxes.

Let’s Look at What We Did Together

The Foundation funded the following scholarships, totaling $12,500.00:Mortar board, representing scholarships provided by ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation.

    $2,500  5-5-5/ALLIANCE CU Foundation Eric Hill Memorial Scholarship

    $2,500  Karen Nunez - High School Scholarship

    $2,500  Ryan Walden - High School Scholarship

    $2,500  Kennedy Holley - Grad Plus Scholarship

    $2,500  Hanna Andrews - Grad Plus Scholarship

Supporting education is a fundamental premise and goal for ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation, and supporting this number of scholarships represents a truly wonderful milestone!

Community members helping each other, like the support provided to the community by ALLIANCE Federal Credit Union Foundation.In addition to the above scholarships, we were able to support some key and recognized charitable organizations in our community, totaling $7,561.80:

    $1,871.31 to Ronald McDonald House Charities

    $1,718.81 to Texas Boys Ranch

    $2,015.34 to Special Olympics Texas

    $1,956.34 to South Plains Food Bank

Of special note is that ALLIANCE Credit Union employees donated the funds to support local charities. We extend our thanks to each and every one of them!

Banzai Financial Education Sponsorships

School house icon, representing support for the Banzai Financial Educational initiative.In coördination with ALLIANCE Credit Union, The Foundation sponsored 14 area schools in the Banzai Financial Education initiative. Banzai is an award-winning, interactive content platform that teaches real-world finance to young students. They learn about money in an applied sense, including saving, budgeting, borrowing, and setting financial goals for themselves.

Through our combined support, 42 teachers were served, with a total of 4,480 students receiving the great benefit of this learning program!

There’s More

In a combination of initiatives, The Foundation and ALLIANCE Credit Union offered support to a number of wonderful community organizations. Various forms of support, from specially sponsored events to direct contributions, allowed us to help many great endeavors. Those we supported include:

Shred Day benefitting Texas Girls and Boys Ranch Texas Tech University Athletics
Veterans Memorial with Woody Williams OfficeWise Backpacks
5-5-5 Move Over Slow Down Rally Covenant Pediatric Oncology and Hematology
Meals on Wheels South Plains Food Bank
Breakfast and Camaraderie Hub City Hoops
United Way Hospice of Lubbock
Lubbock County Junior Livestock Heart Walk for American Heart Association
Lubbock Red Day benefitting OneVoiceHome Communities in Schools
Lubbock County Goat Jackpot Home Ministries
Vitalant Blood Donation  

In Gratitude

The amazing achievements and support cited above simply could not happen without the support of donors and Foundation members. That is a simple truth. Through our combined energies, The Foundation has made huge strides, and we owe each and every contributor a collective, deep thanks. Your kindness, sense of community stewardship, and contributions have made this progress possible.

Thank you.

Heart icon, representing thanks to all the donors and members of the ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation.